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Services | Home Health Care in CA | Carson Healthcare Services LLC
Take advantage of our services. With our team of professionals, you can guarantee a desirable health improvement.

Carson Healthcare Services LLC offers a wide array of home health care services that cater to every individual’s unique health needs. With our team of professionals, we are committed to providing a combination of services in the comfort of your home, all under the direction of a physician, by delivering the utmost care and attention.

caregiver assisting her patient

Our services include, but are not limited to:

Criteria for Admission

Admission can only be made with the directions from a physician, based upon the patient’s identified care needs, homebound status, and the type of services required that we can directly provide or through coordination with other organizations.

Upon admission to home health care, we will establish a plan for your care and identify your goals. Once these goals are met, you will be ready for discharge from the services.

Medicare Requirements & Payment Information

The following are requirements that must be met in order for Medicare (and many insurance plans) to pay for your home health care services:

You are homebound as determined by your home health care team and your doctor. Homebound means that leaving your home is a considerable and/or exhausting effort. There are some situations where leaving your home is approved. Please discuss these situations with your home health care provider.

You have a recent illness or condition (including a worsening of an existing disease) that requires the care of a Skilled Nurse on an intermittent basis, and/or Physical Therapy or Speech Therapy. Once the need for these services is established, you may also be eligible for services of an Occupational Therapist, Medical Social Worker, and a Home Health Aide.

Seeing Your Doctor

For all clients whose care is paid for by the Medicare program, you must have been seen by a physician during the 90 days immediately preceding the start of your home health care services or you must be seen by your doctor no later than 30 days after your care begins. The physician must certify in writing that you have been seen within the required time frame. Your care must be ordered by a physician and be medically necessary in order for your insurance to pay for the services.


Carson Healthcare Services LLC accepts payment from Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance plans, Worker’s Compensation insurance, and Private Pay. We will inform you and/or your authorized representative of all charges and payer sources before initiating your care.

Carson Healthcare Services LLC will bill your insurance directly for all services. We will accept Medicare assigned payment as long as you meet the eligibility requirements established by Medicare. If services are ordered that are not covered by your insurance (including Medicare), we will notify and assist you, as appropriate, to make any arrangements required for your care.

Please notify the agency immediately if you decide to change insurance carriers or enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan, an HMO, or Hospice. Your continued care with the agency may have to be evaluated based on your new situation and whether the agency is able to provide care under your changed circumstances. We will make that determination based on the information you provide and attempt to assist you in finding alternate care if appropriate.

Please call our office at 310-638-1068 if you have questions about coverage, charges, or any billing-related concerns.